Network I/O : Dante PCIeR



Network I/O : Dante PCIeR


Fully redundant high capacity Dante connectivity for your computer.

The SSL Dante PCIeR interface provides high capacity Dante connectivity to any suitably specified Mac or PC. It features Primary and Secondary network connections and streams up to 128 channels (at 44.1, 48 kHz, 88.2, 96 KHz) or 64 channels (at 176.4 or 192 kHz). Minimum latency and synchronisation is less than 1 μSec. The card is compatible with external PCIe chassis for laptops.



Superior SSL technology and sound for Dante IP Audio Networks


SSL Network I/O is a range of I/O devices which bring SSL’s renowned quality and innovation to Dante based IP Audio networks. IP Audio networking provides a hugely versatile solution for environments where audio assets are shared by multiple users across multiple recording areas and control rooms. Dante is a commercially developed IP Audio network protocol. It uses standard IT infrastructure (Ethernet cables, connections and network routers & switches) for audio transport, routing, device discovery and control. With more than 350 Dante enabled products by more than 150 different manufacturers already released, Dante is considered by many to already be the established industry choice for the use of IP networks for audio distribution. IP audio networking offers a fresh approach to audio routing and asset sharing for audio production with a wide range of benefits:


  • High Channel Counts: 512ch @ 48kHz (256 @ 96kHz) on a single 1GB connection
  • Guaranteed Interoperability: plug & play discoverability of more than 500 devices from 220 different manufacturers – and growing
  • Remote Device Control: parameters configured anywhere on the network
  • Reduced Cost: standard low cost IT hardware, standard and/or existing Cat 5 or Cat 6 cabling with audio and control on the same network down a single cable
  • Simplified Interconnectivity: Ethernet/IP connectivity simplifies interfacing with a wide range of devices including Intercoms
  • Flexible Scalability: systems can grow as your needs evolve. Want a bigger network? Add another switch!
  • Full Network Redundancy: technology tried and tested across many industries and fully compatible with all network redundancy models
  • Distributed Routing Control: routing control from unlimited devices or terminals
  • Absolute Resilience: catastrophic failure of a single device will have no effect on any other devices in the network
  • Standards compliant: IEEE and IETF compliant thus deployable on and can mix with traffic on any standard IP infrastructure.
  • With Dante committed to conform with AVB standards and with AES67, the SSL Network I/O range is ready for future networked audio developments.


The SSL Network I/O range was developed initially for use in broadcast installations. There is a wealth of detailed information about IP Audio Networking and Dante in our extensive white Paper: IP Audio Networking. Professional AoIP for Broadcast – The Way Forward. If you are new to IP Audio and/or multi-space audio routing and distribution it is essential reading.


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  • 반송 전에는 고객센터를 통해 반품이나 교환 가능 여부에 대한 상담을 받으시고, 반송 예약을 하셔야 합니다. 반송을 하실때에는 주문번호, 회원번호를 메모하여 보내주셔야 보다 신속한 처리에 도움이 됩니다.

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  • 제품에 따라 구매 완료시 제공되는 쿠폰은 상품페이지에서 확인이 가능하며, 쿠폰 사용시 일부 이벤트 참여에 제약을 받으실 수 있습니다.


  • 전화 : 1688-1176 (평일 10:30 – 18:30 상담가능, 토/일/공휴일 휴무)
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